Donnerstag, 1. Juli 2010

Week fife - he's part of the family now

This week Orion had to deal with the boys again.

I had to work early shift so I walked him at sunrise and Pascal walked him a second time before he left for school.

When I returned from work in the early afternoon Orion got another walk and we did the shopping for dinner.

Another walk at 9 PM ended the day for Orion who started to play again and to show that he runs after everything but a frisbee.

On the weekend one of Ine's friends visited Vienna and we had a BBQ in the backyard of where I live. Orion was not sure about the newcomer and growled at him. He even snapped at the trousers but did not harm anybody. Frode was very calm and ignored Orion which worked fine.

The BBQ was delicious and the two dogs (Yes, Mischa was there too) were begging for leftovers but as Mischa is on a strict diet and Orion can't eat anything without enzymes they were not successful. (I think potatoes don't really count, but that was all they got).

The next day we tried the new toy. A kind of ball-throwing device that makes you throw a tennis ball really far with just a little movement of your wrist. Well, it worked fine and Orion chomped the tennis ball to an undefinable mixture of felt and rubber in not time. I think I'd better get new (tennis) balls.

Sunday evening we went to Auer-Welsbach Park and Orion did amazingly well with all the dogs there. He did not growl or bark and fight. He ran around on his own without lead or muzzle and had so much fun that he forgot to listen to "his master's voice".

We'll have to work on this.

His welcome for me is overwhelming. He gets up on his rear legs and licks my face and his long tail whips everything in reach.

No matter what happens, Orion will stay with us until his final breath.