Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Obituary for Orion

I am not the world's best blogger. Usually I have other things to do and facebook very much tells you what is going on. Only when really important things happen, I take the time to write here.

Today something sad happened. As Orion turned weaker and weaker over the past 2 days and this morning could not even hold his pee and collapsed on the way down to the park, we called the vet. The first results of his blood- and urine-tests were not too bad. But something in the blood showed an inflammation and the blood was too thin. So we had an extra examination using utrasonic at a different clinic.

The result was shattering. Various tumors on his milt and liver and the arteries near the heart perforated. Every heartbeat pumped blood into his abdomen rather than into his arteries. Half way through the examination the doctor decided to discontinue because there was no more evidence necessary. Treatment? There was no treatment. Our dog was bleeding to death and all we could do is either to decide to stretch his suffering a few days or to end it as soon as possible by having him put down.

As we knew how active he used to be and how weak he was now there was not really a decision left. We spent the 3 hours until the first vet opened again in our home cuddling the large dog and making him feel safe and comfortable.

Today, May 30th, 2012 at 5.30 Orion's heart stopped beating and our fighter had lost his final battle. But the way the cuddly giant won our hearts I am sure he will be in there for ever.

Orion was a wonderful companion. When he looked at you, slightly cross-eyed, with his ears up and demanded what was on your plate, you could not help cuddling him. We drank beer together and we played a lot. We had long walks and we swam in the sea. Life will never be the same again and I will miss his cold wet nose on my cheek in the morning telling me to get up and take him for a walk. I will miss his elegant bouncy walk and the confidence in his owner.

REST IN PEACE, Orion. I hope you had a good time here with us.

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  1. He did. And once we get over the shock of losing him we will remember all the good times we had with laughter and smiles.