Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

And he is as healthy as a dog can be!

Time passed and Orion became a member of the family.

He felt save and secure and started pushing the borders a little. One thing he started to do is stealing everything that looked like food and munching it down. Fixing pot-lids with rubber rings did not work and putting it on the cooker next to the wall neither. As all the food he got that way was spiced and not treated with the medicine he schould get because of his not-working pancreas.

And he survived. So we decided to leave the medicine away as Orion every now and then threw up because of the enzymes working on his stomach.
Two weeks passed and the dog was still healthy. He became a little calmer and less nervous and as he moved a lot he gained muscles.

A visit at the vet with an examination of his blood and poop reveiled that the dog is perfectly healthy and does not need any medication at all and that he has gained weight, 2 kg.

What a surprise and what a huge improvement to his and our life!

A visit at the animal shelter made his former carers wonder how well he looked, how shiny his coat was and how muscular he was. They, who cared for him for 8 years, could clearly tell that the dog felt well and looked well looked after.

As he learned quickly he is no longer a threat to other dogs and can run arond free as he likes it in every dogzone in Vienna.

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