Samstag, 28. August 2010

Weeks twelve to fourteen - getting better and causing laughter

The weeks passed by like a speed train and Orion by now was a part of my life that I don't want to miss. He had turned out to be less complicates than everybody expected and I think he felt at home.

We visited the annoying little maltese terrier named Snowy that Orion loved to hate and whenever Snowy was around and Orion was not allowed to have him as a nutricious snack the large dog got nervous. When Orion is nervous the food won't stay inside him and he got diarrhea. That made him lose a little weight but we are on the way to gain weight again.

Orin got used to having 2-3 play-sessions per day where he ran after the tennis ball for 15-20 minutes per session. His limping is gone and he is more social than I ever expected him to get. The vet even mentioned that he got more muscular than he was when I got him.

And he makes people smile when they see him. Once they even laughed: We were on one of our walks behind Votivkirche and 2 couples sat on a bench in the park. Orion went right there sniffing and then marked his territory - as male dogs do. Nothing special if he would not have done it right behind one young man. The other 3 started laughing and the one who nearly got pissed (off course Orion missfired) jumped up like bitten by a tarantula. With a broad grin I commented "The dog is rather old, so he missed" what finally made the young man laugh too.

By now we are well known in the nearby parks and dog-zones and Orion rarely attacks other dogs. The only thing he still dislikes are thunderstorms and this is also the only time he is allowed in bed.

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