Montag, 9. August 2010

Week eleven - back to daily routine

The week started with 3 days off and I had time to give Orion several longer walks per day and to offer him a lot of movement while playing with the tennis ball.

We went to the vet and discovered the Orion had lost weight. So I decided to raise the ammount of food he gets from 500gto 600g per day (the recommended ammount is 420g). After a while I'll check if he gained weight again or if the extra gramms are just a waste of food.

Thursday night at about 1Am Orion git very nervous and started walking around the bedroom. As I woke up I saw lightning at the sky but could not hear thunder, so the thunderstorm was far away. As it got nearer Orion got more and more nervous. Once you could hear thunder, he tried to climb into the bed and you could see fear in his eyes. He was allowed to use Ine's side of the bed (as she was not there this side was empty) and as soon as he was near me he calmed down. I am sure he enjoyed sleeping in our bed but he knows that these were exceptional circumstances and so far he never tried to get into bed again. Let's see how he reacts to the next thunderstorm.

The last two days I worked on early shift starting at 6 AM and returning home at 4PM. Pascal took care of at least one walk with Orion as I walked Orion the first time at 5 AM.

On Friday Ine Mischa and Snowy (he'll be with Ine until September) visited us and Snowy and Orion showed that they'd probably never be friends. They growled at each other but as long as Snowy was on the bed (he sleeps a lot there) everything was fine.

The situation escalated on Sunday when we returned from a walk with the three dogs. Orion's muzzle was already stored and I was about to take his harness off when he grabbed snowy again and started shaking his head. I managed to make him open his mouth and let Snowy go. The little one ran away and it took a while to calm him down again. Luckily even the third attack did hot leave more than a few red scratches on his skin but he was not hurt at all.
Orion had to spend a while tied to the living room wearing harness and muzzle and after this we tried to keep him from getting near Snowy.

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