Montag, 9. August 2010

Week ten - back to work on night shift

Holidays were over and I had to return to work again. It was probably the shift Orion liked most. Night shift, when I start working at 10 PM and return from work at 6 AM. Pascal and Brian spent the week with their mother and unlike usual I had to stay at my place because Snowy was at Ine's place.

We did the last walk at 9PM and the first at 7AM and between 8 and 11 AM I slept a little to walk my dog at 12 again.

Orion went on demanding to play and I did so as often as I could though I got weaker and weaker because of the lack of sleep.

On Saturday the boys returned to my place and on Sunday we made a trip to Lower Austria. Near Gaming you can find the Ötscher Tormäuer.
We went there and along a cold and cristyl clear river Brian and his girlfriend, Pascal, Ine, Mischa, Snowy Orion and I enjoyed a walk in the forest (the dogs even had a bath in the river).

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